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Luis Figueroa

Luis Figueroa – CEO​

Luis Figueroa is the standing CEO, and the Principal of the maintenance services of Figueroa Landscape Company Inc. Luis joined the company 15 years ago. He grew up in the family business; at the age of 10 years
old, he was mowing lawns in the summer to make some extra money.

Before officially joining the company, he coached soccer for a D1 community college in Kansas and served several years as an accountant for a construction company in Sacramento. Luis manages the maintenance division for Figueroa, overseeing operations and efficiency
and occasionally serving as a point of contact for all municipalities.

Oscar Figueroa – CFO​

Oscar Figueroa is the CFO and standing Principal of all construction services for Figueroa Landscape Company Inc. Oscar is the son of Reynaldo and Brother of Luis. Oscar also grew up mowing lawns in the summer and learning all aspects of the landscaping business.

He attended the University of California Davis and Graduated with a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering. After being in the consulting sector for land development, he decided to take over the construction division for Figueroa Landscape. Oscar oversees all projects, from estimating, management, execution, budget, and completion.

Reynaldo Figueroa – Founder​

Reynaldo Figueroa is the founder of Figueroa Landscape. Figueroa started 35 years ago in Woodland, CA. Reynaldo immigrated from Mexico and worked for a company, Dumars, in Woodland, after which deciding to establish his own business.

Under Reynaldo, the company fluctuated from 3-7 full-time employees. To this day, Reynaldo, at the age of 63, is heavily involved in the business, continuing to teach the new young workers the best maintenance practices. Reynaldo possesses expertise in maintenance services and efficiently maintains sites week in and week out. Reynaldo supervises all crews from the maintenance division to the construction division.