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Sacramento backyard landscaping


Concrete paths, custom fencing, firepit, xeriscape

Backyard landscaping in Sacramento

In a recent project, we had the opportunity to revamp a Sacramento backyard, working around an existing hot tub to create a cohesive and functional outdoor space.

We began with the fencing, crafting a custom design that combined wood and metal materials. These elements ensured privacy and brought a modern, stylish look to the yard’s perimeter. The mix of materials provided a unique texture and character to the space.

For ease of movement and accessibility, we installed poured concrete walkways. The clean lines of the concrete also added a contemporary edge to the overall design.

The landscaping aspect focused on a xeriscape approach, incorporating various drought-tolerant plants and hardscape elements. This choice was environmentally conscious and low-maintenance, offering a blend of beauty and functionality.

Finally, we added a fire pit near the hot tub, creating a natural gathering spot for relaxation and entertainment. This feature provided a focal point in the yard, encouraging outdoor living and enhancing the hot tub area.

Overall, this project was about creating a balanced and inviting outdoor space tailored to the client’s needs and the existing features of their yard.